Freshly baked

I know it’s a little early for our monthly update but I just had to tell someone about the new studio talent that exhibited in last week’s Show and Tell!
First up was summer placement Katy Wilkinson who’s currently studying History of Art at Leeds University. Taking us through a selection of her work we saw some great portraiture, prints on the London riots and toilet humour paintings.
One theme that continually cropped up was Katy’s obsession for ‘rubbish’ as the subject matter for her work, which is something she is continuing to explore at uni. I think it’s fair to say, rubbish the work certainly isn’t. 
Second on stage was recent Falmouth Uni graduate Nadya Pandelieva. Some great self-initiated projects from Nadya included a clever logo design for ‘The Hugo Awards 60th Anniversary’ and an accompanying crime novel that uses heat sensitive paper. 
There was also some great work for Butterkist Popcorn and Scientia – which included some beautiful posters created from rather disturbing forms, such as cancer molecules.
All in all a great showcase of the new talent we have in the studio. Thanks Bisqits.