Top girls

Bisqit, and indeed most creatives, are continuously sourcing for inspiration. It’s part of what we do and it helps shape and inform the ideas and work we produce. So, as a way of celebrating International Women’s day, a few of us Bisqit ladies wanted to share particular creative women whose work (and lives) have been a great influence to us: 


Karen: Vivienne Westwood

“She’s original, rebellious, shocking, and continuing to fight for causes that are close to her heart, not as a passing fad but because they matter. She’s generous, quirky and cool. And through all the decades, she remains relevant and authentic.”


Maria: Madonna

“Her ability to continuously reinvent herself in both music and image.  Confirming that you don't have to have a set style.  It's OK to evolve and update.”


Hannah: Frida Kahlo

“I first discovered Frida Kahlo’s beautiful paintings of Orchids whilst studying A-level art. These encouraged me to learn more about her troubled yet inspirational life. It seemed despite her poor health and volatile marriage she continuously strived to be a great artist.”


Aarti: Zaha Hadid

“I find her buildings distinctively futuristic, characterised by powerful, curving forms and fragmented geometry. A creative who is well revered and in the forefront of architectural design. She has broken through the glass ceiling and her modern, cutting edge philosophies have helped her to push the boundaries of architecture and design.”


Charlotte: Janet Cardiff

“I have always been drawn to the innovative ways Cardiff plays with sensory perception and our ability to perceive reality. Her work explores audio as a means of manipulating, transforming an environment and providing narrative to a space.”


Shelley: Coco Chanel 

“An artist who had real vision, drive and who was ahead of her time. She produced timeless designs, was an ambitious businesswoman, and fearless innovative designer”.