The Mary Rose Museum

It was lovely to wake up yesterday morning, switch on BBC breakfast news, and see a feature on the opening of the new Mary Rose Museum within Portsmouth’s historic dockyard.

I remember being a child, sat in front of the TV on a rainy October day in 1981, watching the ship finally return to port. Little did I know that 26 years later I’d be part of the design team creating the new museum; a project I continued to work on for five years prior to joining Bisqit. 

From the very first day of being involved in the project everyone knew it was ‘one to tell the grandchildren about’.

It’s a truly unique project. The museum itself, a beautifully elliptical timber clad structure, was constructed over the top of the ship whilst it is being conserved. The exhibition space inside (that’s where I came in) was designed to mirror the original dark and claustrophobic conditions of the ship as well as reuniting the ship’s 19,000 object all under one roof.

In my opinion the Mary Rose Museum is without doubt the best time capsule of Tudor life in existence anywhere in the world. 

Naturally I want to end this blog post by congratulating everyone at the Mary Rose Museum, Wilkinson Eyre Architects, Pringle Brandon Architects and Land Design Studio on a fantastic project. 

Please go and see it; it’s brilliant! But then I guess I would say that.

Photography by Richard Chivers.