New Blood or student meat market?

Popped down to New Blood last night – the annual exhibition of the best graduating creative talent from across the UK, at Spitalfields Market. The standard was high. Not tons of branding but the work of Emily Myers really jumped out. She picked an already ice cool brand to makeover – Young’s frozen seafood. It’s refreshing to see a commercial brief being answered. I loved the fishing heritage aesthetic, sea shanties type and chip paper wrapping.

Youngs looks ready for a refresh but I doubt they’d have the guts to apply such a modern stripped back approach. Interestingly, the Young’s ‘diffusion’ Jamie Oliver range gets a reductive treatment, including a thoughtful black and portrait. Guess Jamie’s design team had their fingers in the creative pie.

There was some ace work on show but the format is flawed. Students are crammed into chipboard boxes and a tiny selection of their work is used as wallpaper. These bright young things have no room for their work to breathe making it virtually impossible to take in. The cache of Spitalfields Market isn’t worth the money – a cheaper venue with space to properly showcase the portfolios of the fresh talent would serve them much better.