Press start. Loading...

Inspired by the gaming cafés in Japan, Loading is a new bar in Soho that offers a space for gamers (and non gamers) to drink and play.

What I love about this little gamers hot-spot is how it connects us through video games; allowing us to share adventures in both the real and virtual world. In a culture that is becoming more and more insular it helps to promote the positives of gaming: community.

So what’s so special about Loading this week? 

Well, Loading is currently running an indie gaming event call Etoo, an alternative gaming convention (co-organised by The Guardian) that coincides with E3. The event is livestreaming the Sony, Microsoft, EA and Ubisoft press events throughout the week with analysis, debates and UK developer reactions.

Etoo’s last day is today so if you’re about in Central London make sure to pop in.