A taste of Bisqit

They say that a man’s best friend is a dog and that a designer’s best friend is their sketchbook. They also come in pretty handy for us client services folk too. 

Through the years us Bisqits have been through our fair share of notebooks, sketchpads and on occasion napkins, when desperately trying to scribble down an idea. So we decided to create something to house our lists, sketches, headlines, doodles and figures.

Nick took the project on, with his main focus on creating something practical for the studio whilst demonstrating snippets of how his peers’ minds tick.  

Throwing the question, ‘How do you find a good idea?’, to the studio he got everyone to share their own personal way of finding an idea. From riding to work, to playing with Lego, we each documented how, as a studio of designers, account handlers and thinkers, we find inspiration.

Comprising a combination of artworks, handy design terminology and some fun facts thrown in for good measure, we have created something that we are all very proud of. 

So if you see us with our heads buried in one of these little gems please do not disturb as we are hard at work, unless of course it’s to offer us a beloved Jammy D and a cup of tea.